Fell Charter School

Weekly Warrior, 12/05/23

Happy Tuesday! I am happy to report that we have all our students currently wearing winter coats!  Thank you for helping us all make our students warm and bundled up for the colder winter weather.  Please remember that if your child needs a hat, scarf, gloves or socks, please let me or Mrs. Urzen know. My reminders […]

Weekly Warrior 11/28/23

Happy Tuesday!Not counting today, we have 18 school days until our Holiday Break!  This year is flying by. Speaking of the holidays….on our school calendar, we set aside Wednesday December 13th as our annual Holiday Program. Since we cannot use the gym due to the fact that we are still under construction for our new HVAC system, Mrs. […]

Weekly Warrior 11/08/23

Happy Wednesday (I’m a day behind!), As we gear up for colder weather, please remember to have students wearing socks, appropriate shoes and clothing.  We do go outside for recess until the weather is too cold; we need our students to get some fresh air each day.  If you are in need of hats, scarfs, gloves, […]

Weekly Warrior, 10/31/23

What a fabulous parade we had!!!  Mrs. Swartzfager will be posting pictures and a video. Everyone looked adorable and we were all thrilled so see such a great turn out of spectators!!  THANK YOU!! I have a few reminders: Our one fundraiser ended today, but if you have an order, please get that to Mrs. Youells […]

Weekly Warrior, 10/17/23

Happy Tuesday! Tomorrow night we will have our first Warrior Night for this school year!  Students in grades 8, 6 and 2 are very excited to show you what they have been learning and the performances that they have prepared for you. I have important news about how we will be doing Warrior Night tomorrow night starting promptly at 6:00 p.m. […]

Weekly Warrior, 10/03/23

Happy Tuesday! I thought I’d share a few reminders about our Halloween parade and costumes for the 31st: Our tentative plan for the 31st is: students in all grades may come to school dressed in a SCHOOL APPROPRIATE costume. Please remember that we have little 5 and 6 year old students and this is their FIRST time in school […]

Weekly Warrior, 09/28/23

Happy Thursday! My apology for being 2 days late on this newsletter.  I wanted to collect a bit of data (items 1 and 4) before I sent this. Thank you to everyone who attended our Back to School Night last week!  We had a fabulous turn out.  We had about one third more people come out to […]

Weekly Warrior, 09/19/23

Happy Tuesday! We are off and running, and the kids have kicked back into school mode!  Thank you for all your help getting them off on the right foot for this school year. I have just a few updates and reminders this week. We you know, we had to cancel our School Picture Day today with Lifetouch.  […]

Weekly Warrior, 09/12/23

Please take the time to read this entire Weekly Warrior and note the attached pictures. Feel free to share this information with any family or friends who are involved in drop off/pick up of your child(ren). Additionally I have tried to clarify school dress code and other policies. We had a great start to the school year!  […]

Weekly Warrior, 08/30/23

We are off to a great start!  Everyone was so happy to be back and they were excited to stop and chat and tell us about their summer! They have had some great adventures and apparently have plenty of great stories to share!!  We are so grateful that they are back with us and that you once again trust […]

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