Fell Charter School

Weekly Warrior, 05/14/24

Happy Tuesday!  Once again we have a busy week, so here goes! 1.  Tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. our 8th grade is hosting their LAST Warrior Night Performance.  Everyone is invited to see their interpretation of Holocaust Survivors and Liberators and this dark time period in our history.  They have prepared a play that is emotionally engaging, and (in my opinion) stellar.  […]

Weekly Warrior, 05/07/24

Happy Tuesday! Today I have LOTS to brag about this week!! 1.  I have attached a photo of Mrs. Youells and Ms. Talarcio from this past Saturday at the YMCA of Carbondale.  The Y hosted a community  event to connect our local community residents to local resources and we were invited to attend.  Mrs. Youells and […]

Weekly Warrior, 04/30/24

Happy Tuesday!I am happy to once again report that PSSA testing has been going very well.  We are close to the end and appreciate your working with us to make sure that our students are prepared to thrive!I have a few updates/items for you today: 1. Dates for the end of the year activities:  *The last day for lunch […]

Weekly Warrior, 04/23/24

Happy Tuesday! I am happy to report  that we are in day two of PSSA testing and it is going well.  We made some changes to the schedule this year which frees up our students in the afternoon (they go back to a regular schedule) and this seems to be working! I have a few updates/items for you today:1.  Field Trips are […]

Weekly Warrior, 04/04/24

Dear Parents and Guardians, I waited until today to send our Warrior so that I could include information about us watching the solar eclipse  together this coming Monday (4/8) I have a few details but first I want to thank Mrs. Gayletsfor setting all this up!  This is a great teachable moment for all of us!  What a memorable experience to watch this together as a Fell […]

Weekly Warrior, 03/19/24

Happy Tuesday! Over the last week or so, we have had staff and students who have been out ill and/or other family situations.  We finally seem to be coming out on the positive end of all of this. Because we have had so many people in and out, our preparation for Warrior Night (tomorrow night) has been significantly impacted.  Therefore rather than […]

Weekly Warrior, 03/14/24

Dear Parents and Guardians, Thank you for your patience and willingness to move to virtual today while the power was out here at school.  It appears that we will be all set for in-person school tomorrow.  The power is back on and we are getting the heat/water reset for tomorrow. Phones are still giving us a bit of […]

Weekly Warrior, 02/20/24

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all enjoyed a long weekend of sleeping later than usual and spending time together! This week, we are having our Warrior Night for students in grades K, 1 and 2. We are going to use the gym! Although the gym is not complete yet (HVAC installation) we are able to […]

Weekly Warrior, 12/12/23

Happy Cold Tuesday! Thank you for working with us yesterday on our first (and hopefully last) 2 hour delay!!Just a few reminders for this week: 1.  I post all weather related changes to WNEP TV 16, WYOU TV 22, WBRE TV 28, our Weekly Warrior list and Mrs. Swartzfgaer puts them on our REMIND app. 2.  Last week I was thrilled to report […]

Weekly Warrior, 12/05/23

Happy Tuesday! I am happy to report that we have all our students currently wearing winter coats!  Thank you for helping us all make our students warm and bundled up for the colder winter weather.  Please remember that if your child needs a hat, scarf, gloves or socks, please let me or Mrs. Urzen know. My reminders […]

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