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World Cultures addresses students’ multiple intelligences and individual learning styles through hands-on learning and project based instruction. Through this engaging curriculum, students not only learn history, geography and social studies skills, they use higher order thinking skills to draw philosophical conclusions and develop enduring understandings.

In addition, World Cultures integrates the arts, and incorporates skills across the curriculum. This cross integration has been proven to strengthen students’ ability to transfer skills from one subject area to another, which leads to long term retention and understanding of various skills and concepts.

In Kindergarten through 5th grade, World Cultures takes a chronological approach where each grade level travels through the same time periods of human history but at different “destinations.”

At the middle school level, the curriculum continues to be project based but becomes more intense and research based. Topics include American History, African History, Latin American History, European History and the Holocaust.

Students then showcase their learning to the community at our monthly “Warrior Nights,” where they bring together everything they have learned and put it on display.  “Warrior Nights” highlight specific grade levels and provide a fully-immersive experience for parents and families to see what their students have been learning.

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