Fell Charter School

About Fell Charter


Since opening its doors in 2002, Fell Charter School has served students and families across multiple counties surrounding it’s Simpson, Pennsylvania, location.  Our beautiful, modern school is located at 777 Main St, just outside of Carbondale.

Fell Charter is a tuition-free public school.  Funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, just like all other public schools, we offer an in-person classroom learning environment that is safe, tolerant, and engaging.  Our curriculum is rigorous, and research-proven, and is delivered by a dedicated faculty and staff.

Our teachers are highly-qualified; some of them have been with the school for more than 10 – and even 15 – years!

Fell Charter School maintains high expectations for all of its students, both in the classroom and as citizens in the community.  Our students go on to do wonderful things!  Many of our graduates have received offers, and scholarships, from area high schools, including Scranton Preparatory School.

What Sets Fell Charter Apart?

More Time Spent Learning

Fell Charter offers both a longer school day, and a longer school year.  Our days begin at 7:45am, and continue until 3:15pm.  And while other public schools are in-session for 180 days each year, Fell Charter exceeds that standard and is open for 190 days!

Personalized Learning

Fell Charter School's classes are limited to 25 students each, to ensure that each student receives the attention he or she needs. Our classes meet in-person, not virtually, so that our students can maintain their relationships with both teachers and peers, which are vital to their growth and development.

Technology In Every Content Area

Using a combination of classroom tools and student Chromebooks, our students are well-versed with technology.  From research projects to desktop publishing, to coding and development, our students master the tools they'll use throughout their lives.

Character Education

At Fell Charter, we believe that an effective education extends beyond pure academics.  Our students are part of a larger community, and we work to foster that spirit within them, and help them understand the importance of good community character.


At Fell Charter School, everyone is held accountable.  Student comprehension and progress is measured throughout the year with a combination of local and state testing.  Feedback on faculty, staff, and overall school performance is always welcome, and parents/guardians receive yearly surveys to evaluate their Fell Charter experience.


Fell Charter School regularly involves visitors, community members, and board members in the learning process!  Through presentations, Q&A sessions, and professional demonstrations, we work to include our community, reinforcing the value of connections, and the range of resources available to our students.

Warrior Nights

Each month, Fell Charter students bring together everything they've learned and put it on display.  Warrior Nights highlight specific grade levels and provide a fully-immersive experience - join our students as they reenact life in Ancient Egypt, the American Revolution, or the Renaissance, and demonstrate their academic mastery!

Our History

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