Fell Charter School

Continuity of Education Plan

Resubmitted with Planned Instruction

School: Fell Charter School
Principal: Mary Jo Walsh
Address: 777 Main St., Simpson, PA 18407
Email/phone: MJWalsh@fellcharter.com 570-282-5199
Website: www.fellcharter.com

Goal of Plan: We will provide weekly/daily teacher contact/engagement through Planned Instruction, Enrichment & Review lessons, assignments, resources and activities for our students to keep them engaged in learning during this crisis and mandated school closure. We will continue to engage and support students, parents and guardians through daily emails, phone calls, teacher generated videos, use of online programs both recommended by the state (Odysseyware and Edgunity) and recommendations to other online programs, chosen by FCS.

Overview of the Plan: Fell Charter School will continue to provide varied strategies for Planned Instruction, Enrichment & Review for our students/families. We will continue to share resources with families each Monday and then daily, via email, videos, or phones if necessary. We will run a 7 day cycle for turning in work. Information will go out one Monday and assignments will be due the next Monday. We will provide resources that are both web-based, pdf/scanned, third-party platforms (free access) for Planned Instruction, Enrichment and Review activities. Additionally, our students have access to their ELA and math textbooks. These were taken home on 3/13/20. Additionally, teachers will continue to use web-based platforms, similar to what we have used in the classroom to continue the engagement of our students. Attendance will be noted and grading of Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory will be noted and applied to all submitted work from the students. Teachers will continue to update Planned Instruction, Enrichment & Review opportunities weekly (Mondays) and will be available daily to answer questions Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 3:00 p.m.*.Unless otherwise noted by Principal. The staff will continue to work/communicate with administration for meetings, collaboration, instructional support, technological support, 1:1 support, brainstorming sessions, data days and other school needs; all via online.

Expectations for Teaching and Learning: Teachers will be responsible for communicating with families/students to answer questions that arise. Teachers will provide guidance for struggling students. Teachers will use various methods of communication to engage with families/students including but not limited to email, videos, phone calls, pdf scans, prepared packets, and text alerts. Teachers will provide new and review material to their classes, some material that were introduced, was being covered or mastered prior to the mandated school closures. They will add new learning to their teaching effective Monday, April 27th , 2020 through the end of this school year. Teachers will be able to use both their formative and summative assessment (prior to closures) to address areas of need or struggle for the students. Planned Instruction, along with (as necessary) enrichment and review activities will be provided for students who are able or capable of developing deeper understandings of the material.

Communication Tools and Strategies: We will continue to use our website www.fellcharter.com to communicate, we will use text alerts, emails, phone calls, letters, videos, handouts, pdf scanned material, weekly and/or daily emails from teachers and the administrator. We will continue to use communication tools that are most familiar to our families.

Access (Devices/Platforms/Handouts): We have communicated with our families about delivering lunches in a grab & go fashion at the school. We started distribution of food on March 17th. We surveyed our families to find out technological needs. The survey went out April 6th. We are providing handouts to families who need them. We have directed our families to free access programming (educational, social and emotional). For families who cannot access online learning and communications, we have made packets available for pick up during lunch distribution and we leave packets in the school mailbox. Planned Instruction will be implemented to this plan, effective April 27th, 2020.

Staff General Expectations: We communicate almost daily with staff, administrators and the Board. We started our communications on March 13, 2020 once we learned of the (then) 2 week planned school closure. Since then we communicate via email, phone calls, conference calls and facetime. Our teachers have their school-issued lap tops (taken home 3/13/20), as well as materials necessary for support of education. Teachers were permitted (scheduled) to enter the building to obtain necessary materials (the week of April 20, 2020). Parent communication about daily opportunities and suggestions began on Tuesday, March 17, 2020. Planned Instruction requirements begin April 27th, 2020. All teachers can communicate daily and will send the Monday lessons out effective April 27, 2020. The Principal communicates daily to parents/guardians. Our School Curriculum Coordinator communicates daily or each week as needed. We will continue our communication with families and be available to our students and parents/guardians Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. We want our students and staff to engage/interact as much as possible. We will follow the school calendar as closely as possible for meetings, collaboration, days off and professional development opportunities.

Student Expectations: We expect that as we communicate daily with families by the Administration and weekly regarding, our lesson for Planned Instruction, Enrichment & Review (plans, lessons, activities, etc.) that our students are completing and returning assignments, based on what is sent to them. We expect that parents/guardians are previewing/reviewing the lessons with our students to help them get started, or assist where needed for our younger students. We expect students are working during this COVID-19 mandated closure.

Attendance/Accountability: Currently our PowerSchool SIS is remaining active and marking students as present (we have not adjusted the calendar). We will begin to track student attendance effective April 27, 2020. Teachers are keeping notes regarding interactions, activities of engagement with students & families. Teachers are making phone calls as well, to connect, reach out and stay connected with families. We are all working to try to ensure that barriers to education for our students are addressed.

Good Faith Efforts for Access and Equity for all Students: Our staff has worked together to share resources, collaborate over resources and work toward making resources accessible to students and their families. Resources are reviewed further by the Principal and the Curriculum Coordinator. General Education and Special Education teachers collaborate over resources as well. We applied for grants and other funding sources as they became available and seem appropriate for our needs.

Special Education Supports: Chapter 15 & 504 Service Agreements: Our students will continue to be provided accommodations as outlined in their current (active) 504 Plan. The 504 Plan(s) will be implemented to the maximum extent possible given the current limitations of the COVID-19, school mandated-closures and communication needs. The 504 Case Manager for the 504 Plan will reach out to the parent/guardian of the student with regard to needs and accommodations. Parents/Guardians and teachers will work together to address questions or concerns.

Special Education/Itinerant Support: We will use Planned Instruction, Enrichment & Review activities as a means to strengthen and further develop students’ skills. We will use the student’s IEP and current needs (as of 3/13/20) to determine various levels of support at each grade level. Special Education teachers began daily conversations with parents/guardians/students on March 30, 2020. Documentation is kept on each conversation and a follow up email is sent after each conversation. Participation is now, (April 27, 2020), mandatory. We conference call once a week as a team to discuss needs, updates and we include our School Psychologist in these as well. Phone calls, emails or conference calls are used as need in between conference calls. Parents/guardians were notified of this plan and told that as or if things change (due to on-going state mandates) they would be notified.

Special Education/Outside Placement: Special Education School Case Managers will work 1;1 with the local classroom teacher at the placement site to ensure planned instruction, enrichment & review/accommodations with the IEP.

Special Education, Related Services: Occupational Therapy Services: The Occupational Therapist (OT) will continue to provide to our students who receive these services, based on their IEP, planned instruction, review and enrichment activities related to their IEP goals. Our OT will offer support and address any questions or concerns with our parents/guardians at least 1 time per week, via phone calls, emails, packets, conference calls or facetime if necessary. The School -based Case Manager and the Principal (School Psychologist if necessary) will continue to be copied on all communication and be a part of any parent/guardian “meetings”.

Physical Therapy Services, Vision/Hearing Services: N/A at this time. If our needs change, we will follow the OT plan as identified above.

Speech & Language Services: Our Speech & Language Therapist (SLT) will continue to provide to our students who receive these services, based on their IEP, planned instruction, review and enrichment activities related to their IEP goals. Our SLT will offer support and address any questions or concerns with our parents/guardians at least 1 time per week, via phone calls, emails, packets, conference calls or facetime if necessary. The School- based Case Manager and the Principal (School Psychologist if necessary) will be copied on all communication and be a part of any parent/guardian “meetings”.

School Guidance Counselor: She will continue to work with families via emails, phone calls, packets and facetime if necessary. She will reach out at least 1 time per week. Calls started March 30, 2020.

Annual IEP Meetings: If a student’s IEP is due during the mandated school closure time, a meeting will be scheduled via phone call, or other means based on an agreed upon time, date and questions or comments will be addressed. All necessary paperwork will be sent electronically or regular mail immediately following the meeting.

Evaluations or Reevaluations: Triennial or Biannual Reevaluations that are due during the mandated school closure time will be begun/completed in accordance with Chapter 14 guidelines. The IEP Team will review the records, as well as other pertinent information, will collect data (as is possible), consider observations (prior to closure), review testing that was completed prior to the closure, consider parent/guardian input and as long as the IEP Team has comprehensive data/conclusive data regarding a determination, they Team will make the determination regarding the eligibility for special education services.

​If the IEP Team is unable to complete the testing, in whole or in part, for which we received consent (via the PTE) or in the absence of data from assessments, may make it difficult for the Team to make conclusive determinations regarding eligibility for special education services. A subsequent or new reevaluation will be proposed by the Team and if the parents/guardian’s consent, will be completed to determine the eligibility for educational needs/supports.

For Initial Evaluations due during the mandated school closure: if the team was unable (for various reasons during COVID-19) to complete the required testing, in whole or in part, for which we received parent/guardian consent, and we are absent data, which may affect the ability of the IEP Team to reach conclusive determination(s) regarding eligibility, the parents/guardians will be notified in writing. When school resumes, subsequent to the mandated closure, the Evaluation will be completed to determine (conclusively) eligibility for special education services.

For Request for Evaluations or Reevaluations where we do not have parent/guardian consent before 3/13/20, and upon the re-opening of schools, parents/guardians will be notified in writing, via a Permission to Evaluate (PTE), which will be issued by the Special Education Department.

English Language Supports/Gifted Education: N/A at this time. If our needs change during this mandated school closure time, we will follow the special education plan as outlined above and provide any necessary resources.

Buidling/Other Level Contacts:​

Principal: Mary Jo Walsh, 570-282-5199 will then be connected to personal cell.

Curriculum & Instruction: Sabrina Wagner, 570-282-5199, will then be connected to personal cell.

Special Education: Alyssa Rutkowski &/or Ashley Youells, 570-282-5199 will then be connected to personal cell.

Resource List: This list is updated, added to, and/or changed regularly dependent upon the provided Planned Instruction, Enrichment & Review. This list is not exhaustive.

Current curriculum guides (K-8, Music, & PE). Various grade level curriculum alignments currently being used, prior to 3/13/20.

Wilson Foundations (K-3), a research-based program that teaches critical foundational skills for reading and spelling. Enrichment & review suggestions pertaining to reading fluency, spelling practice, critical thinking, multi-sensory strategies, handwriting, etc.

Virtual Field Trips (K-8), These various trip links will be provided by the teachers to the families. Trips will be engaging, tied to previous learning, thoughtfully chosen and appropriate to age/grade levels. Virtual Field trips will be free of charge to families.

Cincinnati Zoo online safari bit.ly/33R8XCj.

Toledo Zoo ibt.ly2Ulya4R

Virtual Disney Rides (via Travel and Leisure).

Free content links (K-8). Enrichment & review.

Youtube (K-8): recommended, free based on age and grade appropriateness.

Khan Academy (K-8). Various grade levels, content areas. To be set up and used by teachers for Enrichment & review. Khan has various schedules and links to content that can be used, in part or in whole. Right now, we will use these for Enrichment & review. If our plan changes, Khan will be able to address changes.

National Geographic (K-5), Resources for students, various type of programming for families, delivered in various formats.

Netflix via Homeschool Hideout.

Go Noodle (games and exercises).

NASA– Explore (nasa.gov).

Scholastic Learning Resources: (K-6), provided by the Curriculum Coordinator to families and the teachers.

PBS Kids (K-5).

Starfall (K-2).

ABC Mouse (K-1).

Youtube Cosmic Kids Yoga.

WVIA local tv programming.

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