Fell Charter School

Board of Trustees

Letter from the Board

Fell Charter School first opened over twenty years ago.  It was a brand new educational concept at the time – a charter school – brought into being by the original Board of Trustees.  Our Board was, and always has been, made up of a mix of parents, community members, and even former students who share a singular vision: to help promote and support a school where students will thrive, be cared for, and be equipped with the knowledge and skills they will need throughout their lives, both professionally and as community members.

I have personally been involved with Fell Charter since 2009, first as an employee, then as a community member, and now as a member of the Board of Trustees.  It has been a long road from Fell Charter’s humble beginnings to where we are now, but it was a road paved with dedication, courage, compassion, and above all else, belief in our students, our teachers, and our school.

Our students always come first.  Our teachers and staff exist to support our students, and are dedicated to aiding their success, be it their well-being, academic growth, or development as individuals.  And the results speak for themselves: countless students who found a space where they could thrive.  They have left their mark, and gone on to succeed in high school, in college, and in their adult lives.

I remain convinced that Fell Charter is unique among schools in our region, and perhaps in the whole country, and I welcome you to join us!  Reach out to our administration and Board members with questions, and let us show you what Fell Charter can do for your family.

We look forward to meeting you!

Brent Pennington
Board of Trustees

Fell Charter School Board of Trustees:​

Mr. Jonathan Dennis


Mrs. Felicity Schultz


Dr. Kathleen Muniz




Mr. Brent Pennington


Mr. Jonathan Dennis

Administrator Liaison to the School Board

Ms. Mary Jo Walsh

Upcoming Board Meetings:​​​​​

Board meetings begin promptly at 6:00 pm, and contain designated periods for public comment.  Board agendas will be shared with the public at the start of the meeting.

Board meetings are held hybrid, with representatives both at Fell Charter School and connecting over Google Meet.  Members of the public are welcome to attend in either format; virtual attendance can be done via a mobile device app, a desktop/laptop computer, or by dialing in by phone.

To virtually attend a Board of Trustees meeting, please contact Principal Mary Jo Walsh at least 24 hours ahead of the meeting date to obtain an invitation link or dial-in phone number.

Minutes from Board of Trustees meetings are available by request.  Please email Principal Mary Jo Walsh at: mjwalsh@fellcharter.com

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