Fell Charter School

COVID Planning

Fell Charter School Reopening Summary

Middle-school students work at laptops while socially distanced during COVID-19.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has not announced its requirements for the 2021-2022 school year at this time.  Fell Charter School will follow any state-issued mandates governing education and school operation, and will share that information with the school community as soon as it becomes available.

Throughout the previous 2020-2021 school year, Fell Charter operated in accordance with its published Health & Safely Plan, and anticipates having to follow a variation of this plan for the foreseeable future.

The school’s COVID team – comprised of faculty, staff, and parents –  will continue to assess the school’s needs on a regular basis, in accordance with mandates issued by the State of Pennsylvania.

Traditional In-Person Learning

To the extent permitted by the PA Department of Education and PA Department of Health, Fell Charter School will offer traditional, in-person learning in a classroom setting.  Health and Safety Protocols are a top priority for our students and staff, and will be enforced/monitored at all times.

In-person instruction is essential for students to maintain and strengthen connections with teachers, classmates, and their school community.  These relationships support our student’s academic efforts, as well as their social and personal development as individuals.

At present, classes will be held during regular school hours, Monday through Friday.  Breakfast and lunch will be available to students daily.

Transportation for eligible students will continue to be provided by their home school districts.  Any changes to schedules or requirements will be communicated with parents/guardians.

For questions regarding any aspect of Fell Charter’s in-person learning, or Health and Safety Plan, please contact Principal Mary Jo Walsh at mjwalsh@fellcharter.com

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