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Weekly Warrior, 05/07/24

Happy Tuesday!

Today I have LOTS to brag about this week!!

1.  I have attached a photo of Mrs. Youells and Ms. Talarcio from this past Saturday at the YMCA of Carbondale.  The Y hosted a community  event to connect our local community residents to local resources and we were invited to attend.  Mrs. Youells and Ms. Talarico spread the word about the fabulous education we offer at Fell Charter School (and passed out some bubble wands!).  It was a huge success and now more people know how great our students and families are!! Thank you Mrs. Youells and Ms. Talarico!

2.  I have attached an article about one of our graduates, Erika Hollis.  Erika was a stand-out, super engaged student when she was here at Fell and she has obviously continued that passion for learning in her high school years!  We are so proud that another Warrior is making her mark in the fields of community service and education.

3.  Just reminder that we have our School Musical set for Saturday, May 18th at 6:00 p.m. in our gym.  Our students are excited about their performances and are looking forward to sharing their enthusiasm with you.  Please join us, and invite your family and friends as well.

4.  Remember that the School Dress code (sent attached to the last two Weekly Warriors) goes into effect for the 24/25 school year.

5.  Lastly, as many of you know, our 8th grade curriculum covers World War 1, 2 and the Holocaust.  This year, once again our students have created a Warrior Night performance that they wrote, they designed and they are eager to share with you. They have taken all they have learned and woven together a play depicting their understanding of this time period.  As in the past, their performance is respectful, insightful and thought-provoking. By the time they greet you for their Warrior Night on Wednesday, May 15th,  they will have attended the Holocaust Symposium in Scranton and met Liberators and Holocaust Survivors. They will also have had a one on one meeting (virtually) with a Holocaust Survivor.  

The Warrior Night will be shaped by their reflections, understanding and feelings.  I invite EVERYONE to join us.  Whether you have an 8th grader or not, please join us for a culmination of their years at Fell Charter.  Each time, in the past, that our 8th graders have performed this project it has been both moving and discussion-worthy.

Have a wonderful week and be well,
Miss Walsh

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