Fell Charter School

Weekly Warrior, 03/15/22

Happy Tuesday! I have a few important reminders and a piece of good news too!🤗

When you are dropping off students in the morning, please do not let children exit the car UNLESS you are at our front door.  We have students walking on the sidewalk alongside moving traffic.  Someone is going to get hurt.  Please wait in line as well, please DO NOT pass cars/vans/bus who are allowing students to exit.

Be sure that students are still coming to school with a jacket and socks; we are going outside each day.
I was invited today to speak to the Chairpersons and Members of the House Education Committee in Harrisburg!  I have been quite vocal at our state and local meetings about teacher shortages and how we fix this growing problem; it directly impacts students.  Almost all of the schools in our area are finding the current teacher shortage debilitating. The House Education Committee is taking up the task to help us fix this!  It was a unique opportunity to testify on our behalf ( as well as all PA students and teachers) about the need for our Legislators to make Education of our students a top priority.  They listened, they asked good questions and they are (as everyone is) impressed that Fell Charter, along with so many other schools are live and in person!  They acknowledged all the hard work of our teachers. I am heartened to know that they are getting to work on this issue. I am also thrilled that they invited two charter school administrators to testify!!

Lastly, Mrs. Swartzfager has asked me to remind you about signing up for the tree program:🌳last day to sign up is March 18th.https://www.neighborhoodforest.org/parent-registration/?school=40197&cyear=2022

Be well, stay safe and look forward to spring!🌻
Miss Walsh

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