Fell Charter School

Summer Success Change

Good afternoon families,

I am excited to announce that we have decided to move away from our traditional Summer Success program after extensive consideration and research of best practices in child development and education. We will not be requiring the completion of a project and/or teacher-made assignments to be turned in at the start of the school year.

We have made this decision based on several factors.1.) Benefit of unstructured play and activities on elementary/middle school students2.) Prevention of burnout/fatigue- everyone needs a break!3.) Increased opportunity for family time4.) Holistic development- providing opportunities for students to thrive outside the classroom through hobbies, sports, etc.

Although we are moving to a less traditional summer program, we encourage all students to participate in activities to keep their minds and bodies engaged throughout the summer months. Local libraries, community centers, and parks are a great place to start when searching for such opportunities.

I am also available to provide additional resources upon request. Please email me at ayouells@fellcharter.com if you have any questions or would like additional resources for your child(ren).

I hope you have a fantastic, safe, and healthy summer! We look forward to seeing you at the start of the school year!


Mrs. Youells

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