Fell Charter School

Weekly Warrior, 11/02/21

Happy Tuesday!🍁

Thank you to everyone who showed up for or watched our live stream of the Halloween Parade! 🎃 We had some great costumes and the weather thankfully held out for us. Also, all our classes did a great job decorating their classroom pumpkin for our Great Pumpkin Caper!  Lots of amazing creativity this year!!

Thank you once again to our parents who donated COVID supplies and EXPO markers!!  Great gifts, definitely put to good use!

As usual, I have a few important reminders (for some, please share with family members who pick up in the afternoon):

1.  Our bus driver 🚍 has requested that all drivers who come to pick up children in the afternoon stay at least 2 car lengths back from the POD until she makes the turn.  She needs to make a tight turn and doesn’t want to hit parent or teacher cars. (Please share with family members who pick up our students).

2.  Please do not pull around or remove the orange cones that block entrance to the parking lot. We have students whose job it is, to remove those so that parents/families can get through. Our students take their job responsibilities very seriously. (Please share with family members who pick up our students).

3.  The weather is getting colder so that sparks a few reminders: 1). Please be sure to send students to school with coats and socks.  We do go out for recess and PE, so that our students can get some air and exercise.  If you need help with any of these items please let me know.  2).  Now is a great time to talk about plans for early dismissals due to weather; where will students go, who do they need to call when they get there, etc.  3).  Please do not call the school during an emergency dismissal. We need lines open to reach transportation providers or parents, and to have lines open for emergencies, that is why planning ahead of time is so crucial.

4. Regarding our calendar:  report cards will be emailed home by the 5th, we have an 11:00 a.m. dismissal on the 8th for Parent/Teacher Conferences (please remember to respond to the email from your child’s homeroom teacher(s)), we have an 11:00a.m. dismissal on the 24th and we are closed the 25th and 26th in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday. We are back in school on the 29th.

5.  Remember to be reading each night with your child or encouraging our older children to read for pleasure. Reading 20 minutes each night makes a huge positive difference in the success or struggles of all students.

Please keep up the vigilance with protecting our students and staff from COVID.  We are 40 days in (almost 1/4 of the year through!) and we are successful in working our plan!!

Be well, 
Miss Walsh

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