Fell Charter School

Snow Reminder

Unfortunately (for those of us who love hot weather🌞) the snow is coming!! With that in mind I have a few reminders for school + snow❄️

1.  Please be sure to have signed up for the REMIND app. We use the REMIND app to indicate any type of change to our day: closed, virtual, delayed, etc. I also post to WBRE (channel 28)/ WYOU (Channel 22) and WNEP (Channel 16) what our plans are for the day. I post as early as possible; BUT please remember that I have to coordinate with our transportation providers.

2.  It is imperative that children know what to do in the event of an early dismissal.  They need to know whose house they are to go to, if someone is not home.  They need to know if they should call someone when they get home, etc. We do not make phone calls home, we use the REMIND app and TV stations only.

3.  Some days will be virtual (like we have been doing for the last several years).  If we are virtual it will be posted on REMIND & TV Stations.  Students are expected to be on line, on time, microphones must be working and cameras must be on for students to be marked as “present”.

4.  During an early dismissal:  please do not call the school.  We need phone lines open to work with transportation providers and emergency information. Please have a plan for children when they are out early; our van and bus drivers need to get home safely too.  

5.  If your home district is closed, transportation will not be provided; so if we are open or delayed, and your district is closed your child should be on virtually with us.  If your district is running delayed, you may use their start time as our time.  Kindergarten students are never on virtually. Kindergarten parents/guardians, you will get a separate note from Miss Yanochick and me about virtual days.

6.  If you are picking up your child early, please park behind the orange cones.  We need our lot open for transportation providers as well as our snow plow crew.

Thank you and I appreciate  your attention to our snow emergency plan.
Miss Walsh

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