Fell Charter School

Weekly Warrior 11/28/23

Happy Tuesday!
Not counting today, we have 18 school days until our Holiday Break! 🌲 This year is flying by.

Speaking of the holidays....on our school calendar, we set aside Wednesday December 13th as our annual Holiday Program. Since we cannot use the gym due to the fact that we are still under construction for our new HVAC system, Mrs. Talarico has come up with an adorable and talent-filled way to celebrate our Holiday Spirit!  She has just about finished completion of a Holiday Video brought to you by the talented and spirited students of Fell Charter School!!  On the 13th of December, we will email you and post the video to our FaceBook page.  I encourage you to share it with family and friends and showcase the creativity of our students and Mrs. Talarico! 

Although we are disappointed our program will not be in person this year, look at the two positives: parking will not be an issue 😉 and we will have air conditioning for our end of the year events!👏

Remember to have a plan for early dismissals with your child(ren) and to check out the REMIND app and local TV stations for weather delays, as we get closer and closer to winter.

Lastly, I have attached an item that I found in the AAA Magazine, regarding School Bus Safety.  It is worth a read and worth sharing with others, as a reminder of how important it is to follow the rules of the road to keep all students safe.

Be well,

Miss Walsh

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