Fell Charter School

Weekly Warrior, 12/05/23

Happy Tuesday!

I am happy to report that we have all our students currently wearing winter coats!  Thank you for helping us all make our students warm and bundled up for the colder winter weather.  Please remember that if your child needs a hat, scarf, gloves or socks, please let me or Mrs. Urzen know.

My reminders are brief this week:
1.  Please do not move the orange cones🚧🚧 to drive into our parking lot area during the school day.  Please alert family and friends who pick up: remind them that this is safety protection and we do NOT want our children injured.  Please park BEHIND the orange cones and walk on the sidewalks to the building to drop off late arriving students or to pick up students early from school.

2.  Our Holiday Program will be sent to you on December 13th so that you can see the talent in our amazing children!!

3.  I have attached a great picture for you!  Our 8th grade decorated a tree in the center of Carbondale…they did a fabulous job🌲🌲🌲🌲.  Then that night a few of our other students went to town and were able to be there to turn the lights on.  Starting left to right: Amyah E, Elizabeth S., The Grinch, John S., our guest Peyton S., and Dean S. They had a great time!!

4.  PSSP’s will be sent home next week!

Be well, Miss Walsh

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