Fell Charter School

Weekly Warrior, 08/30/23

We are off to a great start! 

Everyone was so happy to be back and they were excited to stop and chat and tell us about their summer! They have had some great adventures and apparently have plenty of great stories to share!!  We are so grateful that they are back with us and that you once again trust us to educate and care for your child!!

I have a few important reminders, identical to what I sent out this summer:

1.  Water bottles are permitted, and are highly recommended but must be CLEAR.

2.  Skirts and shorts need to be within 1 inch of the knee, for both boys and girls.

3.  Yoga pants and biker shorts (form fitting) are not permitted.

If your child did not bring in supplies today, it is not something to worry about.  Send those in as you see fit.  Sometimes it is hard for our little people to carry everything in on one day; feel free to spread it out.
Remember that the teachers’ weekly newsletter will be emailed every Tuesday and I will email our Weekly Warrior every Tuesday as well. 

Today, tomorrow and Friday are all 11:00 a.m. dismissals.  

We are closed on 9/4. We have an 11:00 a.m. dismissal on 9/5 and we start full days of school for K-8 on Wednesday the 6th.

REMINDER:  Our Kindergarten students start on Tuesday the 5th.  Please be extra patient during drop off and pick, as many of our Kindergarten families are new to our routine.

Be well and Happy 23 24 School Year!
Miss Walsh

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