Fell Charter School

First Day of School!

Good Morning!  Our first day of school is off and running and going well!🌟👏
I have just a few important reminders for you:

1.  Please remember that today is an 11:00 a.m. dismissal for all students.

2.  Tomorrow is a full day of school.

3.  Food service starts tomorrow. Tomorrow is pizza!!🍕 Any student who is bringing in lunch; remember that it all must be disposable.

4.  Please DO NOT get out of the car when dropping off or picking up students; we need to be mindful of everyone’s safety.  Please do not drive around cars picking up or dropping unless you are directed by one of our staff.

5.  Masks must be worn.  If a student does not have a mask he/she cannot be admitted to the building.😷

6.  Please remember that we are not using backpacks right now; for at least the first quarter.

7.  Clear water bottles/containers are what we need.

8.  See below for a sample of the pencil case container (Target has them) we need…it needs to be plastic (to be wiped off), any color and to fit in our school desks…please see the picture below.

9.  Please remember to send to Miss Jezuit JJezuit@fellcharter.com with any transportation changes

10.  Today it was wonderful to see so many families drop off their children in the morning.…it was great to see everyone, and I know that it was a slow start, but things get better each day as the kids and families get used to drop off and entrance practices to come into the building. 

Thank you for all the donations, your patience today and staying steadfast to our Health & Safety Plan!
Be well, Mary Jo

Pencil Box Example:

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