Fell Charter School

Weekly Warrior, 07/20/2021

Happy Tuesday!🍧

I hope that this finds you well and enjoy all that summer has to offer!

I have a few updates for you today:🌟

1.  Our COVID Team is working to get us ready for the start of school.  I can tell you a few things to keep in mind: We will use CDC Guidance to help us plan for this coming school year.  We are also reviewing guidance from various other sources as well ( Pediatricians, Dept of Ed., and our local guidelines as well).  
Right now, we will be in school, in person, 5 days a week, there is no virtual option (except on snow days).  We will be using the 3 feet of distance in the classrooms and around the building.  We will continue to have one stairwell that will be for going up to the second floor and one stairwell for coming down. 

We will be using soap and water in the bathrooms along with hand sanitizer around the classrooms and the building. We will be using the same format for dropping off students in the morning (one at a time, temp check upon arrival). Students may be dropped off beginning at 7:15 a.m. (no earlier) and we will be using the same dismissal format as well.  We have determined that arrival in the morning with greetings by our staff, set the mood for a great day and has greatly reduced morning issues that we have seen in the past.  The dismissal process has worked very well this year and we had a significantly reduced number of missed rides as well as, and we moved through dismissal much more efficiently.

Things that we do not have an answer for yet:  I am not sure what transportation will look like; we have not had those conversations with our providers yet.  We have not yet determined if we will be allowing guests in the building during the day.   We are working on bringing items like backpacks, lunch packs, etc. into the building and we are working on the supply list.  I hope to have the supply list to you by next week.

We are confident that because our plan worked so well last year, we can and will have a plan that will once again keep us all safe and our children learning.  Once again, it will take all of us working toward the same goals.  More to come each week on this topic.

2.  EQUALLY IMPORTANT:  we have sent out to many of you forms that MUST be completed if you want your child to have transportation this school year.  These forms are NOT generated by us, they ARE generated by your home school district.  If the forms are not to the district before school starts for us, your child will not be transported until the forms are in.  PLEASE stay on top of this, I don’t want any of our students to miss the first days of school and the opportunities that those days bring;connecting with peers, getting off on the right foot and just feeling the vibe of a good back-to-school routine.

Be well, stay safe and enjoy the summer time!
Miss Walsh

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