Fell Charter School

Weekly Warrior, 12/14/21

🌲Happy Tuesday….only 12 days until Santa’s/Holiday Arrival….🌲

Thanks to Mrs. Youells for setting up last Friday’s Reindeer Games! The kids and staff had a fabulous time outside playing games and the weather really cooperated! Please be sure to see the pictures that teachers have sent to you in their newsletter.🤗

It is VERY COMMON over the next few weeks leading up to the holiday break, to be stressful for kids. Therefore their behaviors may change, the tone of their time at home may be altered or you may find that the child who has flown under the radar, is popping up and being a bit challenging. Just a reminder that kids sometimes have a hard time with change. Just hang in there….once the big day gets here the stress will start to decrease:)🎆

Reminders: We have an 11:00 dismissal on the 23rd and we are closed the 24th though the 2nd. We are back in school on the 3rd.⛄

Remember to review your child’s PSSP that will be emailed from his/her teacher.

Be well,
Miss Walsh

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