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Weekly Warrior, 11/30/21

Good Tuesday!

We had a great Turkey Trot today!  The Turkeys were in rare form dancing and singing! It was a good time and a great way to celebrate together outside!!  It was chilly but fun!!  Miss Jezuit will be posting pictures soon.🦃🦃🦃

I have a few items for you and listed below is also a note from Mrs. Urzen, our School Nurse. Please take time to read through this entire newsletter.

1.  Reminder:  During snowy weather (or for COVID closures) the TV stations and REMIND app will run CLOSED meaning we are really closed and no student has to do any work that day.  The TV Stations and REMIND app will run VIRTUAL on days when our students need to login to online learning by 9: 45 a.m  Remember that on VIRTUAL days we start our day at 9:45 a.m.  Students must be logged in, on camera and with a microphone for active participation/ full attendance in school.  Kindergarten students will be receiving packets and an email from me and Mrs. Zakreski re: virtual days.

2.  Please note that it takes us on average 12 minutes to do dismissal every day. 🚸🚸 Therefore I appreciate it if parents/guardians do not start arriving on our property until 3:00 p.m.  We are trying to keep the lot clear for our students to be outside as much as possible for PE in the afternoon; this is a safety issue🏁🏁🏁.  Equally as important, we also need to leave time for Mrs. Webb, our School Bus Driver to park her personal car on our property and get her bus out.  We HAVE to let the vans park early because they have other runs to do.  Once again, I am trying to alleviate our cars hanging out onto Rt. 171 and being in or causing an accident. If you arrive beginning at 3:00 and we start dismissal at 3:10 we  should not have any safety issues. Again dismissal moves quickly and I need your help with this.

3.  Our grateful thanks to Justin Podunajec for installing our SCHOOL ZONE signs! 🚸🚸🚸🚸 We have been a school for 20 years and we FINALLY have safety signs on Rt. 171!  Our thanks not only to Justin but also the SImpson Township Staff and members of PennDOT who worked with us to get this done.

4.  Please see Mrs. Urzen’s note here:

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are seeing an increase in Covid-19 cases in school.  It’s very important that you help us keep everyone at school safe and keep school open.

Please notify us when your child is sick and staying home or if your child has been in contact with someone positive with Covid-19.  It’s important that we know when symptoms started, when testing was done and who may have been exposed and possibly infected by being around a sick/positive person. 

Someone with Covid-19 can spread the virus 48 hours before they show symptoms or get tested. Symptoms can also take up to 14 days to show after your last contact with a person with Covid-19.
Information about vaccination status and your history of Covid-19 is useful to determine next steps for a person exposed to the virus. 

Please read the attachments sent home by Miss Walsh yesterday, for detailed information related to staying at home because you or your child have Covid-19 or you/your child had contact with someone with Covid-19.
Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Bonnie Urzen

5.  Lastly regarding masking in school: The Governor gave each school the opportunity to develop their own Health & Safety Plan.  Each Plan (as you know by now) is designed to be different and fit the school community.  The School Board approved our current Health & Safety plan and we will continue with this plan until further notice.  Therefore we will continue to require a face covering/mask in school for each person, until further notice. 😷 Our Plan will continue to be reviewed monthly.  Any change(s) to our Plan  will be communicated to you from me via an email or newsletter addition.  

Be well, stay safe and please stay vigilant about health and safety; our staying open for our students depends on all of us working together every day.

Miss Walsh

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