Fell Charter School

Weekly Warrior, 07/13/21

Happy Tuesday!  I hope you and your family are enjoying the summer days and finding time to relax! 🍧
I have just a few updates for you today:

1. We are closely monitoring the CDC and PDE recommendations for reopening schools.  Our COVID Team will begin to meet regularly to have a plan ready (as soon as possible) to distribute to you to let you know what we will be doing for this school year.  We had tremendous success with our plan last year and we will have another great Health & Safety Plan for this year!  More to come.

2.  Attached to this email is the calendar for the 21-22 school year.  Our plan is to host Warrior Nights this year, with a bit of a twist.  If all goes as planned (with CDC/PDE guidelines), we will host Warrior Nights, but they will be RESERVATION ONLY, no one will be allowed to just walk in.  We will use social distancing, masks will need to be worn and other protocols to keep all of us safe;more details to come on this as well.  

3.  We have embarked on a new ad campaign to highlight the success we have had, both during the pandemic and before with regard to providing an outstanding in-person public education to our students.  Check out our website (www.fellcharter.com), it is being updated almost daily and look for our billboards, newsprint ads and social media ads.  We are excited about showing off who we are!! 

4.  Lastly, you may have seen the piece from this Sunday’s Scranton Times.  It highlights once again (sadly) that our current Governor has not yet let go of the notion that Charter Schools should not be targeted for reduced funding.  As he begins his last year and a half of leading the Commonwealth, he has two goals to accomplish and one of these is to pass the “fair funding” piece in the budget.  This is a misnomer; it will not help charter schools, it will only help traditional public school districts.  Remember that funds allocated by the state are for the CHILD and should follow the child wherever he or she attends school. This is about choice; a parents/guardians right to choose the school his/her child attends.

Enjoy your day!
Miss Walsh

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